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We created Eco Press in 2019, and our mission is to enable and nourish sustainable and conscious practices in publishing. Eco Press is an initiative of Shift Education.


It is nearly impossible to live life as we know it without paper. Common everyday items that will go through a printer at some period in their life-cycle include books, wallpaper, newspapers, food wrappers, pop cans, flyers, and plastic bags. The print industry is one of the main contributors to the negative state of the environment as we know it today. There are many critical environmental issues caused by the print industry. These include and are not limited to air pollution, handling and disposing of hazardous materials, waste management, and energy use.

The reality of climate change, global pollution, acidification of the oceans, massive destruction of forests and wetlands and other natural habitats confronts us today. We are currently witnessing the first human-made mass extinction of species that the planet has suffered, caused primarily by industrialization and our culture. We are all responsible in some way — just by traveling in a car or a plane, we are actively participating in an ecologically destructive culture. Our present crisis is a calling, and it is for each one of us to respond. We all need to take responsibility for this pressing predicament.

Our mission is to enable sustainable and conscious practices in print and publishing. We do not care about scale, but our goal is to work out an alternative narrative. Our core challenge is to develop a value-based economic structure, that is not concerned solely with our material well-being but embraces and honors the whole human being – body and spirit – as well as the needs of our mother Earth.

Presently, we are working with a small group of schools in India to create a more sustainable and conscious culture. Our short-term goal in these schools is to use 100% recycled paper for at least half the printed materials by 2021. When we have succeeded in working these ideas out here, we intend to offer these services to others and also to document our efforts so that others are empowered and enabled.

Backgroundwritten by Pranav

As part of an ongoing study on the feasibility of a "100% recycled paper school" in two K12 schools in India, we discovered that the schools use roughly five million A4 virgin wood fiber paper sheets every year.

We have identified four broad categories where we are working towards using 100% recycled paper – notebooks, calendars, planners, and marketing materials. These account for about two million sheets, and we hope to transition entirely to recycled paper in these categories by 2021. Curriculum books alone account for nearly three million sheets, and we do not have a scalable working solution for this category at the moment.

We also analyzed processes to refine them. For example, there is wastage when materials are ordered in bulk and not used. Print-on-demand services could significantly reduce wastage.

We are also working on creating a culture of conscious practices in these schools. For example, from 2020 onwards, we will identify how many trees are used to fulfill our demand for paper, and we will plant those many trees to offset our carbon footprint.

Our project emerges from these roots, and we created Eco Press because we believe these services and models might be of value to others.

Our Offerings

1. Print on Demand (coming in 2021)

We will offer full-service print-on-demand services on all types of recycled paper in 2021. Finishing services would include binding, die-cutting, folding and varnishing. We will also handle shipping and fulfillment.


Priyanka Bhatia

Co-Founder, Research, Development, Implementation

Studied at University of Manchester and Strathclyde University. Focus on digital education practices in the Indian context. Currently ed-tech counselor at K12 schools.

Pranav Kumar

Co-Founder, Research, Design, Development

Studied at Bangalore University and University of Copenhagen. Walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir with Walk of Hope. Focus on research, design and development.

Neha Jhunjhunwala

Co-Founder, Finance, Implementation

Studied at Bangalore University, Guru Nanak Dev University and Victoria University. Background in banking and sports management. Holds a black belt in taekwondo. Played competitive martial arts, and tennis at the national level. Focus on women empowerment and bringing initiatives to rural schools.

Mitali Luthra

Apprentice, Design, Media, Outreach

Bio coming soon.


Apprentice, Design, Development, Media, Outreach

Bio coming soon.

Mentors and Advisors

Deepa Dogra

Mentor, advisor, investor

Studied at Delhi University, CIEFL and University of Cambridge. Research on teaching English language in Indian classrooms. 10 years as principal at Ashoka Hall, Ranikhet. Currently academic director of Cambridge International Schools.

Dr. Brijesh Kumar


Studied at Kurukshetra University and IIFT. Served the government for 20 years and then turned entrepreneur. Heads Digital Media Initiatives right now. Also advises policy makers on ed-tech.

Ajay Bhatia


Started his first company at 19. Now the owner of a multi-national company. Created the first girls-only and IB World school in Punjab.

Sri M

Sri M is a spiritual guide, social reformer and educationist. He is our guide and mentor and has profoundly influenced our life and work.

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